Now & Then & Later

Now Vulnerability peeks from My courageous heart – Unfolding as the morning glory at First light, tender and dewy, Seeking … More

Museum of Self

We enter and exit alone – Sacred space to sacred space. In our galleries, we’re joined by Curators of Authority … More


birth – a blinding begun. we learn to mask who we are with who we are not until the not … More

Losing Rooms

We lost rooms with people from places outside our homes, people of warmth and touch, palpable loving empathy, eyes of … More


blank, an apocalypse of one, I am not I. instead, I am it – a consumer, a destroyer, a zombie … More


pleasure masked danger. tasty tidbits floated before me, to and fro with the ebb of the sea. innocently, I ate … More


Disguised, you perched Upon the curved husk of a fallen leaf, Faded to brown. You hid by closing your wings, … More

Act as if

Act as if I accept my powerlessness over The depression that fades my mother to a ghost of herself, A … More