Losing Rooms

We lost rooms with people from places outside our homes, people of warmth and touch, palpable loving empathy, eyes of present acceptance. no black boxes or distant places were these rooms. no, they were Zoom free rooms, these rooms. I lost them to a death, you see. you and me lost them – because we […]


Disguised, you perched Upon the curved husk of a fallen leaf, Faded to brown. You hid by closing your wings, and in my limitation, I saw you as a dead leaf upon a dead leaf. Frozen, you sat, brown to the world, Another shell of life gone, Another little death littered upon the earth. Suddenly, […]

My Vertebrae Story

I don’t know what it is. It rattles inside, bones stacked upon bones, curved and twisted. Its story peers sometimes from around the edges of fairy wings. Waves hello, then is lost among the miasma of raw emotions, the stagnant cesspool of anger – fear – sadness – – – – – the charm of […]