life lived with color

denial is a bully,

an instinctual artist born of fear and anger.

eight-limbed, forty fingered,

it uses its palette of extremes to blind us to our true selves.

black and white,

is or is not,

truth or lies,

light or dark,

never room for the

slow birth of dawn or the

gradual goodbye of dusk.

instead, denial traps us either in the

bright glare of success or the

bitter night of failure.

denial’s artistry camouflages our

rainbow selves so we act as mimes in our own lives,

mimicking life but never stepping beyond our

self-imposed, invisible boxes into the

wild glory of being.

being as is, accepting is as is.

being as is, allowing

life itself to paint us,

its color radiating from within so

we seek not what we want but what

we need to help our fellow divine beings.

for without the barrier of denial,

we are free to move as we are,

to touch others as they are.

all free to be our rainbow selves,

gorgeous with motley beauty.


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