Museum of Self

We enter and exit alone - 
Sacred space to sacred space.
In our galleries, we're joined by
Curators of Authority as we 
Seek to fill our plinths and frames.

Father, Mother, sister, brother - 
Make us an image of self.
Teacher, professor, advisor - 
Make us an image of self.
Friends, bullies, bully friends - 
Make us an image of self.
Personality, society - 
Make us an image of self.

Stroke by stroke, chiseled and chipped,
Our art is displayed for 
Criticism and commentary.
We stalk our galleries - 
Ready to tarnish the images
Rather than burnish.
Ready to deface
Rather than honor.

Amid the ugliness, if we allow them,
Helper listeners emerge.  
They guide us into 
Wise Mind and support us as 
We reframe our broken images into 
Neutral acceptance.
Our artistic revisions move us into 
Transition with peace and 
We emerge whole - 
Full of our own possibility.

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