Poetry – Recovery Revisions

I have revised the recovery poems I wrote during my 7 years in OA as they no longer serve me as originally written. They are my art, so they evolve as I evolve in my recovery journey.

Because I no longer abide with abstinence, I have removed all reference to abstinence as well as the narrow language of Higher Power (except for “Heavenly Father, Lost & Found” which tells the story of my Mormon to Wicca evolution). I have also not removed the OA reference in “Addict” which is a poem I started in my 20s and finally found resolution to when I found OA. Thus, it is a distinct part of my life that deserves to stay in place.

I am now in EDA and in a partial hospitalization program. Thus, I am unlearning the rigid form of eating I desperately clung to in OA. It produced physical recovery and did give periods of mental peace – but it also produced large upsets when food plans were disrupted or when I had lapses and had to go back to day one. I only have to read back over my blog to see the suffering I went through in OA.

Links to revised (and I hope improved poetry):

My Vertebrae Story
Act as if
Heavenly Father, Lost & Found
Hearing my Story
We are all Rainbow Water
The Naming


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