Disguised, you perched

Upon the curved husk of a fallen leaf,

Faded to brown.

You hid by closing your wings, and in my limitation,

I saw you as a dead leaf upon a dead leaf.

Frozen, you sat, brown to the world,

Another shell of life gone,

Another little death littered upon the earth.

Suddenly, you fluttered,

Disguise discarded, and flew into the blue.

Your red wings, rubies free to fly.

As I watched your wings beat,

Brown to red, red to brown,

My perception shifted,

My understanding cleared.

All my life, I saw my face as that fallen leaf,

Useless, discarded, empty.

Whether fat or thin, my face was proof of my worthlessness.

I heard lies from others when they

Proclaimed my beauty for I was

Selfishly sure of my ugliness.

Through humility, Universe freed me to

See myself as I am,

Worthy and lovable,

For though I saw my wings as

Brown and dead,

I only had to trust and

Open my heart to discover my own

Ruby winged beauty,

Always present, always present.

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