Patience & Self Acceptance

Today, I am focusing on the principles of Patience & Self Acceptance. I ask for both of them in my life, so I may be more useful to those around me. Without them, my ability to be abstinent decreases because my connection with HP decreases.

I seek to keep in constant conscious contact with HP to better enable me to be the message, to practice the principles of the Twelve Steps & Traditions in all my affairs.

I seek to practice, not perfect for I am human, falliable and weak. When I lean on HP, I find the source of all power, the source of comfort and the ability to reach out for more comfort, the ability to use the tools for stability and even more comfort.

It is all available to me if I only seek it.

So I pray today for patience and self acceptance. The ability to accept my slowly shrinking body. The ability to be patient with myself as I practice. The ability to accept my growing love for myself. For it is ok to be me. It is ok to feel all emotions, allow the waves to wash over me. I will not drown. I will float, buoyed by faith and fellowship.

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