The principle of step 2 is hope. “Came to believe that a power greater than us could return us to sanity.” I sat between two newcomers tonight as we read step 2. It was powerful to see their reactions to  the powerful concept that we are together as compulsive eaters – we are all food crazy. And we all have a Higher Power that can return us to sanity.
The part of reading step 2 that really impacted me is that we must take ACTION. Yes, hope leads us to the Faith found in step 3. Opening our hearts is the action of hope. I have lately been experiencing faith without hope. I have been half heartedly working program. It has kept me abstinent for a while, but the abstinence was also half hearted and full of resentment.
Tonight, I felt resentment lift and hope returned to me. Tomorrow is Candlemas,  a special day for me and my patron goddess, Brigid.  I plan a dedication ceremony. Of course, it won’t end up as I planned, and I have hope AND faith that perfectionism will be lifted from me, so I can enjoy the  ceremony.
Hope is the action of opening my heart. I open my heart  to hope, to faith, courage and all the step principles. I am so grateful for program.

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