Brigid’s Voice

Remember Me,
Light inside,
Orb of love.
Child, cleave unto Me,
Immerse thyself
In Light,
Illuminate thine Orb.
Stars upon stars are We,
Motes of starshine,
Beings among the infinite galaxy.
Food fogs, numbs and replaces
One sort of pain with another pain,
One sort of fear with another fear,
One sort of anger with another anger,
One sort of hate with another hate,
One sort of control with another control,
One sort of sabotage with another sabotage,
One sort of worry with another worry,
One sort of overreaction with another overreaction,
One sort of sadness with another sadness.
Thine suffering may be given to My Light
Hand thine pain unto Me.
Hand thine fear unto Me.
Hand thine anger unto Me.
Hand thine hate unto Me.
Hand thine control unto Me.
Hand thine sabotage unto Me.
Hand thine worry unto Me.
Hand thine overreaction unto Me.
Hand thine sadness unto Me.
I am Yours and You are Mine,
Dear Child, see Your Own Light.
Cleave unto Me, immerse thyself in Light,
Illuminate thine Orb and
Hand unto Me thine sufferings and sorrows.

Be with Me in Love.

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