Steps through the Storm

Yesterday, I experienced the strongest cravings and associated mental obsession since finishing step nine following the Big Book over 2 months ago. Aside from powerful binge dreams just after finishing step 9, I have had food neutrality 98% of the time over this time period which included Mardi Gras, studying and taking a CPA exam and […]

A Recovery Tale

Once, there was a Being, our Friend, shining brightly. It frolicked and played, reveled and mourned. It lived – pulsing light from its Inner Source. Somehow, someway, sometime, our Friend, became disguised, distorted and full of despair. How? Our Friend found a fountain burbling and others playing in the cascades and pools. As our Friend […]

The Transformed Hill of Me

I went home recently. It was the first time I have ever visited my hometown abstinent and sober. It was scary. Tropical storm Cindy was making Her presence known. Gusts of torrential water blurred my windshield as I sought the hill. The hill where I was date raped at age 16. To this day, it […]