Mardi Gras and Abstinence

Fat Tuesday, 2017

I moved to New Orleans with my family in 2014. I never suspected moving to a city known for decadence would open me to recovery.

Yet here I am enjoying recovery, one day at a time.

Yet here I am lighter than I have been in 15 years. I am smaller than my husband for the first time since soon after our marriage. I am given a reprieve from food and body obsession, one day at a time, contingent upon my use of tools and steps in order to maintain my spiritual fitness.

Mardi Gras is a time for celebration and indulgence. Like so many holidays, it is inextricably tied to food and drink. Thankfully, the 12 steps provide a stable foundation for me to navigate the season. 

It has been a long Carnival season, full of parades and revelry. I am ready for rest, happy to have survived with my abstinence intact.


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