3rd 30 Days

Twice before, I have passed 30 days of abstinence.

Twice before, I have binged and relapsed, despairing that I would never have another day of abstinence. It’s finally sinking in that the one bite leads to insanity. Inevitably. All I ever have is a daily reprieve from food & body obsession. Surrendering to Mama Brigid remains difficult at times, so I am so glad she is patient with me.

I have been very out of the sync the last few months. Ever since my kid started Kindergarten, I haven’t been able to express myself properly. I still find that I don’t quite have a point to this blog.

But instead of deleting it like I have over the past 2 months, I will post it.

Day 30 something, and I’m ok. I’m ok because Mama Brigid holds me through the darkness and fills me with her light.

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