Magic Cat

Sidewalk cat, borne of streets and maternal abandonment,

you crept close to my heart,

curled sweetly

and pulsed there for my adulthood.

you revealed the essence of my boyfriend now husband

when he rescued you, a city cat lost in mountain laurel,

and hugged you close with gentle strength.

you comforted me with the soft comma of your body

when I mourned the loss of motherhood – precious Spark.

you accepted when motherhood did arrive and

man cub gripped your fur.

patience your domain, sweetness your realm.

now you dryly swim through pool of catnip

and galaxies of fish.

magic cat, you pounce on mice, dance with rabbits and

laze in the eternal sunshine of contentment and satisfaction.

-written for Bast (June 1999 – August 2015). I miss you, darling kitty.

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