Surrender Research

The dictionary is my friend. Words exist to be art for me. I adore them.

19th century writing woman

So naturally, when I struggled with surrender, I turned to the dictionary. The first few definitions did not speak to me, but the 3rd, intransitive form of surrender whispered understanding to me.

intransitive verb :  to give oneself up into the power of another :  yield

(Miriam Online Dictionary)

Yielding, surrendering, my will to Higher Power, Inner Wisdom, Mother & Father, God & Goddess continues to be a daily undertaking. I believe it will be for the rest of my life in order to be free of compulsive overeating. I find surrender to be a clumsy but effective word for what I experience when I accede to Higher Power.

While researching surrender and recovery, I came across a treasure trove of 12 step program surrender papers by the  psychiatrist, Dr. Harry Tiebout.


He was an outspoken and steady supporter of AA and other 12 step programs beginning with the publication of the Big Book in 1939. He introduced many to the Big Book and the freedom found in the 12 steps.

The papers are a very interesting read for 12 steppers & their loved ones.   Dr. Harry Tiebout Papers

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