Patience & Self Acceptance

Today, I am focusing on the principles of Patience & Self Acceptance. I ask for both of them in my life, so I may be more useful to those around me. Without them, my ability to be abstinent decreases because my connection with HP decreases. I seek to keep in constant conscious contact with HP […]

My Vertebrae Story

I don’t know what it is. It rattles inside, bones stacked upon bones, curved and twisted. Its story peers sometimes from around the edges of fairy wings. Waves hello, then is lost among the miasma of raw emotions, the stagnant cesspool of anger – fear – sadness – – – – – the charm of […]

Snakes:My Addiction Nightmare

Dreams lead to knowing through the darkness of unknowing. The irrational and fantastic beasts and situations stem from a place deep inside – a place desperately needing attention and release; a place of instinct and innate wisdom; a place of fear and love; a place of being. The snakes are made strong by us. They […]


One, two, make a call. Three, four, do service y’all. Five, six, sponsors rock. Seven, eight meetings roll. Nine, ten write again. I am tired and thankfully feeling silly. I turned on the device to muse about footwork in program. I read the phrase,  “doing the footwork” three times tonight as I flipped through Just […]

How I Started the 12 Steps

My life has crashed quite a few times: attempted suicide at 16, chronic debilitating depression and compulsive eating since childhood which caused 100s of pounds of weight gain & loss. Disease also made college extremely difficult. My coping skills were nonexistent and suicidal ideation was heavy at times. I quit college 4 times and started […]