birth - a blinding begun. 
we learn to mask who we are
with who we are not until
the not becomes our only reality - 
the truth forgotten as
the stars disappear in midday.

we search the cosmos for 
the shapes of ourselves while 
we forget the constellation 
of our Essence.

looking for meaning, we are drawn past
the event horizon of self where
light descends to the impenetrable black. 

our minds construct solutions in the darkness,
blind to our own blindness, 
so each construct falls 
inescapably to gravity.
powerfully, elementally, it pulls us 
in, in, in, in, in, in,
twists, decimates, destroys as
we writhe in terror,
desperate for freedom, for healing for solace.
broken, we suffer, a waking death, in
the slow agony of descent.

in final surrender, we fling ourselves
into a void within a void - 
the single point of escape that
grows with light 
the moment we enter.
it becomes a pathway to a Fourth Dimension, 
a magic life in which
constellations shine at midday, 
the unreal becomes the real and 
our authentic selves thrive -
moment by moment - 
vision restored as recovery dawns.

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