Losing Rooms

We lost rooms with people from 
places outside our homes,
people of warmth and touch,
palpable loving empathy,
eyes of present acceptance.
no black boxes or distant places were these rooms.
no, they were Zoom free rooms, these rooms.
I lost them to a death, you see. 
you and me lost them - 
because we were all lost in our 
rooms, our too familiar homes, 
all humanity at home, 
away from the joyous songs that 
heralded forth when we gathered.
the songs of churches and stadiums, 
arenas and ashrams.
halls and dorms fell silent that year as we fled
the rabid killer that stole taste as a warning of 
sickness and possible death.
I miss you: for we are a connection, together, in a room,
an energy that cannot cross the screens between us 
safe in our private rooms.
Now, our songs begin to rejoin and refortify as we
recover from our isolation and sadness, stress and trauma.
the solution - an injection of our genius - white coated heroes' brilliance.
in rooms of discovery, they danced with studies, tests and ideas until protection was found to allow
Us, wonderful humans, to once again join hands in one room and
rejoice for common understanding and our universal need for Love.

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