It is there under all I do and feel, it seems. If not fear, then its helpmates anger and sadness spin around and in me.
I had a good day until I got home to a messy house. Then found another damn flea on the cats. I live in deep south and was infested by fleas a month ago. We deep cleaned for 5 days and haven’t seen the buggers until today. Gave the cats a flea bath on top of their normal flea treatment. Will do another deep cleaning where we found nests a month ago. Just have to make sure the fleas are only on the cats.
So the frustration about the fleas and messy house fall under heading of anger and control. In my world, there would be no fleas and husbands and children would clean up after themselves. But I do not live in my world. I live in this one so I ask God for direction.
I stretched out my aching hip and am now vent blogging. Excess food will not help. It will hurt. God can save me if only I give myself to God fully and willingly. And I do. HP will free me. I have faith and trust the food thoughts and anger will fade after a while and serenity will return.
Faith is appropriately the principle HP whispered to me this morning for my daily focus. Very appropriate as I am exercising it now. Am reminded of a slogan I read the other day: courage is fear that has


said its prayers.
My fear is praying now. I am sharing instead of wearing my fear.

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