Trigger List

I made a binge food list for the first time when I was in Overeater’s Anonymous for about 2 months. Now, I have been in OA for a year and a half, and HP directed me to look at my list again.

I submit because I am sick. I need parameters. I must remember at all times my compulsion to overeat is stronger than my will. The only place for my will in this program is giving it over to HP.

Trigger Binge Food & Drinks:

  • wheat flour anything (pasta, bread, crackers, etc;)
  • popcorn
  • sugar anything—I read labels & if sugar or sugar relation (corn syrup, honey, cane sugar, etc;) is in first 5 ingredients, it is a trigger food
  • fake sugar anything
  • alcohol anything

Foods to watch:

  • milk

So that is it. A reaffirmation that the foods above are deadly to me. Part of me has known this since I was a child and unable to stop eating sugar and flour foods. Part of me knew it last night when I ordered a glass or wine with dinner. A large part of me knew when it when I chose to assume my fried seafood platter was dredged in cornmeal and not flour. I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to know.

So I ate a mystery food that likely had flour in it and chased it with alcohol that always triggers me. Not a huge surprise that at 10 pm last night, I was sneaking into my kitchen to eat large amounts of food.

One follows the other…..trigger then binge.

Sometimes it can be arrested by using the steps or reaching out or prayer, but typically, once I am triggered, I eat, full stop.

Now onto trigger behaviors:

  • secret eating
  • eating in the car
  • getting overtired or staying up too late
  • stress
  • others around me drinking or eating my trigger foods/drinks
  • just about any emotion, but in particular — sadness, joy, failure, success, anger, anxiety, fear

I have many more trigger behaviors. In a nutshell, the FIRST moment food enters my brain, I pray for willingness to dial the telephone to a fellow.





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